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And remember I said I was doing my lawn up back in spring? Look at me now, baby 😎
It's so lush and green, it's never been like that before

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Next door keeps leaving me jars on the lawn for my tree. I put flameless candles in them and hang them on it with wire.

Nothing has been said, he just noticed so keeps leaving them β™₯ I have so many lights now! It's beautiful

This rain is quite wonderful, especially after the heat this morning `

Updated the mural of abstract trees in one of the gardens. Added shading, detail... And leaves to the pine trees.

The dinosaurs are coming back lol

The flamingoes have been moved to the back yard instead and after this bad weather passes the dinos will go back out front. There's been a lot of really disappointed kids and now I feel bad. This is how I ended up keeping them after Christmas last spring haha

Meet the two new additions to my home and look how good and perfect they are 😭

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@iconography 'A bit of fun to bring smiles in my bathroom' - Stephen Hadley (five stars)

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sparkle sparkle, bitches