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do people not know that when you receive a cross-instance report the admin interface doesn't tell you which user made the report?

Most of the reports I get are gk users trolling me or telling me to ban people for being too good

I've been reported a bunch too πŸ™ƒ

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Yet another friend in hospital with complications from their disability. It's sounding like the family member caring for them didn't take it seriously and put them at risk.

It's the same fucking story over and over again

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People who are disabled aren't uniform or think the same or have the same opinions.

We have to have grace for those who are stricter. And also grace for those who are less strict.

Grace for those who are open about their struggles, and grace for those who don't want to talk about them.

If someone's rude to you, drop the act and be straight forward. Ask for clarification and tell them how you read them.

Wait for either confirmation or them to post elsewhere to see if they're ignoring you.

Y'all are all assholes sometimes. Stop it.

Omg omg we have nightingales coming to the feeders in the tree!

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Lewd, sex 

I walk across the room towards you, the dim glow of the lamp light accenting the curves of my naked silhouette as I walk towards you. Your dick pressing hard against your jeans in anticipation, I give you a moment to take it all in. I lean into you, bringing my mouth to your ear I whisper of a project called corner prophets, which organizes hip-hop concerts with israeli and palestinian rappers with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence through the arts.

Transphobia, non-binary invalidation 

I am of course fully aware they are incorrect and I'm comfortable and confident in both who I am and how I choose to look. This is unfortunately from a trans woman I've known for some time, I really didn't expect it

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Transphobia, non-binary invalidation 

Earlier I got told that by being non-binary I'm invalidating the experience and identity of binary trans people and essentially I'm transphobic for being who I am πŸ™„
Aptly invalidating lived experience and being transphobic in the process of saying it.

I was also told that by having a feminine style instead of masc or andro I'm basically just a cis woman.

It's irksome getting this from TERFs, but it hurts from our own side.

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