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The Conservative Americans have found me on twitter over this and its going about as well as you'd expect

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As much as I can understand the resentment towards Rush Limbaugh, and honestly I do! I'd like to say to those who are actually going to the extent of celebrating his death, I hope you take a moment to think of your water intake while you're partying. It's good to stay hydrated.

Sleepy grooming, gotta get those smells back after the human stole them `

there is a hidden pyramid of power at work on mastodon: the regular users are kept subjugated by the mods, the mods obey the instance admins, the admins are at the mercy of the devs, who in turn bow to eugen; but eugen is a mere figurehead at the mercy of the trolls, and the trolls themselves live in fear of hans from stuttgart. the stuttgartians are controlled by the e-girls they simp for, and the e-girls, finally, work for isis

discussions around who gets to use what word masquerading as lgbt activism

proverb misinfo 

The full proverb of "Turn the other cheek" is actually
"But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.
Your butt cheeks."

my current pandemic mood is that i just constantly wanna do some reckless shit

This is Bugz. When all the papers and stuff are organised we'll be seeing how he gets along here 😊

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They seemed really impressed with how we have everything here and general 'oh god what have they done now' attitude towards bunnies so that's really good

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They're going to be in touch about getting one of them to us so I can give bonding with Soup a try. Hopefully it'll work out but if not we can swap out for another

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I had my interview and home check with the bunny adoption people! Oatis, the tiny monster, isnt going to be appropriate for our situation, HOWEVER they have two bunnies they think would be great. And they're a lot more chilled out too

The siskins are still just yelling at me from the tree. This has become a theme

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The song thrush that visits the garden has barely made a noise since first arriving, but this morning I'm being treated to a full performance along with the robins

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sparkle sparkle, bitches