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Got my garden finished. The birds are gonna fucking LOVE the bit of fence I bodged together from branches. Made them a stand for their feeders too

Great thing about all this play time lately is she's like this the rest of the time now

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Someone shouted at me to shut up over the fence so naturally I spent a good 10 mins doing this

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If they've been out in mud, let them clean their own paws or wipe them.
If they need to cool off dampen their ears and give them something cold to lay against (a tile or even dinner plate)

Bathing them can be life threatening.

Every year 'cute pics' of it pop up. Rabbits have a lot of complex needs, not getting soaking is one.
Pet rabbits have totally different fur from wild ones from where we bred them to be soft. They're VERY different.

Hermes, forever the pinnacle of the parcel distribution industry, decided not to ring the doorbell or leave it in the parcel box, and instead put it in the recycling.
I only know this without an hour of hunting because I caught him doing it on the security camera. 🙃

All the birds are arriving and looking at me accusingly. One siskin even landed on the window pane and sat there lmao

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One of my big happiness things lately has been watching the birds. Just had to take down my unreasonable amount of feeders for a few weeks.
Had a poorly siskin arrive yesterday and need to be careful not to let it spread.

Disinfect your feeders regularly pals

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