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Luna knows there have been bunnies. Gotta make sure she picks up that smell. `

I think everyone should know about the painter Dan Witz. I saw a triptych of his once and it blew me away

@iconography I hear these days you install GNU/Windows and use the Subsytem to get #Arch running.

the difference between twitter and mastodon is that on twitter people are engaging with idiots who think the Civil War was about "states' rights", whereas on mastodon we have a sophisticated debate over whether the loch ness monster has a high enough sperm count to impregnate me

There is bad reporting going on around the news about OnlyFans. Yes it is due to the "payment processor" MasterCard but *that* reason for change was due to Exodus Cry's incessant activism against PornHub and their attempts to abolish all legal forms of pornography, sex work, Strip Clubs, etc under the guise of "think of the children".

All lit up like Christmas. It really adds some depth being in spotlight, the linework did the trick

so many cishet dudes literally do not know what makeup looks like at all, someone's face is 'natural' if it's a face and they're showing it to you the way they want to, calm down lmao

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sparkle sparkle, bitches