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@iconography saw this at the nursery today and thought you'd get a kick out of it

You can even set it to ask you how you are if you need prompting to fill it out, and set timers for meds. Not often impressed by stuff like this but they seem to have really listened to feedback on how to really make it work for people

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I always get bored of these things so quickly and stop using them, they become tiresome so fast, this one is pretty alright tho

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Definitely recommend Bearable for a MH/General wellbeing monitoring. Once you've got it set up it's so easy to just tap a few things to fill it all in.

I've never much liked them but this might be one I could stick with.
You can add what your mood is like throughout the day, physical or emotional symptoms by severity throughout the day, things you've been doing, meds, a food diary

@iconography from the Paris Christmas market in 2016, yours have made a better effort.

I am blessed to have this much trust from her. Tails and tummies are big no-go areas for rabbits usually `

Yesss I found their proper costume stuff so this will be better tomorrow

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@iconography Arf, I just clicked on the play button as I was in a BBB meeting. ;-)

I just want to rest and look at maps, stop licking my armpit and making me think you're going to die ffs

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