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ALL CWs - choose your own horror Show more

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A cool thread about a wasp's nest from my attic!! [bugs, wasps, larvae, photos & diagrams] Show more

me: i'm tired!! my bed is right upstairs!! it's right there!! go to sleep!!!!

my hellbrain: The Sofa Is Uncomfortable, But It Is Here

for some reason my brain has associated the word "xeno-" with Alien, and now every time i see "xenophilia" i just assume u wanna fuck the alien

i'm HERE



talkin about feelings n shit Show more

talkin about feelings n shit Show more

if you can see horses while on a train or in a car or a bus and not point and say "HORSES" then wow, you have much more impulse control than any human should really own, i mean

the above is a lie; i don't watch "current" tv shows because i am suspicious of everything that falls outside of a very narrow genre that i know i enjoy, and i have to be indoctrinated subtly by friends and family because if someone tries to force me to watch a thing i immediately and irrationally Hate the thing

i have finished every episode of The Good Place and i am FURIOUS

this is why i don't watch "current" TV shows, u always gotta WAIT for NEW EPISODES and i get lots of EMOTIONS!!!!!!!

The Good Place musings Show more

ugh. i hate what jk rowling has become. i feel like i need to add a disclaimer to this post being like I READ MANY OTHER BOOKS, THE CRIMES OF GRUMBLEWIND WAS A DISGRACE, I AM JUST SUCH A SOFTIE THAT I RECEIVE MANY HUFFLE-THEMED MERCHANDISE AS GIFTS

where the fuck is my dog getting all these socks from

only a little pissed that no one else was extremely delighted by the idea of Healyn getting a Heelies sponsorship

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We sparkle.