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aaaand this is the final product!!! ~13hrs work, inspired by the designs created by @babe that i Incredibly Love A Lot, and also i used a lot of the tips that they posted, like cutting out wedges in a v-shape to preserve structural integrity, and then scooping out the inside after carving for better control over skin thickness!!

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I’d just like to remind everyone in Britain that as it is Sunday you must consume your mandatory mug of gravy.

i’ve compiled a list of meals that won’t upset your IBS:
- a single leaf
- two smaller leaves

you can make some really bad posts on here if you set your mind to it. you can post some real inane crap, you barely even need to try

woke up in the middle of the night with the epiphany that I should deem all my sorry, unfinished, abandoned projects as “practice” & now feelin liberated af

My English isn't great because my first language is memes

It’s easy to get panties printed with “sexy” or “babe” or “princess”. Where the fuck are my “abandon all hope, ye who enter here” underoos? is its own pokemon region at this point. stay out of the tall grass

I dont understand the meme, and I wont respond to it

Mmm yes discourse. Very good. But what about if it were about me instead?

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