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hello everybody my name is froggy and i am secretly 12 magpies in a trenchcoat

i have been Accumulating Stuff for many years now, hoarding is kind of a trait in my family and i have definitely inherited it, plus i had a big bad time mental health-wise a few years ago which contributed big-time to my depression nest

anyway i read the marie kondo book and its been really helpful so here is a thread about my progress, and also the cool/weird/gross stuff i have in my room!!!

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Self-harm books - do you want one? 

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cats trailer, shitpost 

fashioning a dowsing rod to search out milfs in my area

Black mirror episode no milfs are in your area


Wait. Do y’all really call sprinkles β€œhundreds & thousands?!?!?!?!” Surely this is a jest.

Thank you for applying, as you know we’ll be doing the CGI for Cats.

Question one: have you ever seen a person or a cat?

Good lighting in the bathroom at my in-laws, gonna head out now, wish me luck (selfie, kinda ec)

One of the few things I miss about twitter is getting conservatives to block me by just posting a pic of their own avi in the replies. I must have done this 100 times

NO, Wife, i CANNOT come to dinner with your "parents" tonight, i HAVE to workshop "The Shower Puff Girls" into a SUCCESSFUL toot by 5PM or i won't meet my Clout quota for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sparkle sparkle, bitches