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hello everybody my name is froggy and i am secretly 12 magpies in a trenchcoat

i have been Accumulating Stuff for many years now, hoarding is kind of a trait in my family and i have definitely inherited it, plus i had a big bad time mental health-wise a few years ago which contributed big-time to my depression nest

anyway i read the marie kondo book and its been really helpful so here is a thread about my progress, and also the cool/weird/gross stuff i have in my room!!!

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Self-harm books - do you want one? 

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To thine own ass do

I accidentally hit myself in the teeth with a metal bee

you have the right to scream at ass; if you are unable to scream at own ass, an ass will be provided for you

me, running out of the Goals factory, my arm full of Goals: you'll never catch me!
the Goals cops: chasing after me with their sirens

I’m-poster Syndrome, a psychological phenomenon where a poster has doubts about their posts and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “bad poster”.

@scribblefrog was emphasizing "USE ME" intentional or was that just the horniness shining through

it's selfie (no ec) 

bro if you don’t think the government make accessing services as intimidating and confusing as possible to turn people off then i don’t know what to do for you

@scribblefrog now the fan will do equal damage back to the attacker and sever the child's arm.

I did one of those picture things you’re all doing. They kept saying “excellent sex-haver” and “fun at parties,” but I couldn’t figure out how to post them

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sparkle sparkle, bitches