@PaladinQuinn I didn't know that it was an argument and I'm thrilled that it is

@scribblefrog I usually see this discussion regarding HP Lovecraft.

@PaladinQuinn I haven't read any, is it referring to the racism in his books? I'm not sure how I feel about that, because I Hate It but also it shows how fuckin awful it is that it was so normal back then

@scribblefrog yeah I dislike it, but I don't deny his mythos is amazing and we should not forsake his mythos instead improve and change it.

@scribblefrog like one idea I had is the original story of Hastur aka King in Yellow has him pose as a monarch and even have intercourse with the Queen. I began to think, surely a person involved in those circumstances, would gradually become corrupted and change. In my eyes she would become the Queen in Yellow, completely changed irreversibly by him and essentially becoming a new Old One.

@PaladinQuinn @scribblefrog I'm convinced H.P. Lovecraft's work is inextricably linked to bigotry, and that's why it's worth reading.

It's been pointed out many times that his descriptions of women and minorities in letters are oddly close to horror, but his horror is rooted in the unknowable. He fears the cosmic realities posed by primitive cultures, and being either devoured or facing a reality we can't comprehend, reducing us to gibbering madness.

@scribblefrog @PaladinQuinn small thing, but even for his time he was extreme. Several people, including his own wife, called him out. One critic said it was part of his 18th (not 19th!) century affectation.

Here's an article that has some relevant research and quotes

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