@Jacki@radical.town @hanny@godforsaken.website i was lookin for photos of mr blobby to make a spoof tinder account with and Excuse me What the Fuck

this guy doesn't get it and somehow that makes it the most hilarious one

honestly franky do u not think that bloby would be able to overpower ur weak human form

thank u for tuning in, my messages are dying down now but i'll update the thread if i get any more good ones. this has been inspired by the Mr Blobby Twitter account, @WorstBlobby, which is absolutely worth following if you are still on that hellsite

@scribblefrog thank you scribblefrog this has had a real positive impact. You are a hero

@toilet i will enlighten closet blobby fetishists around the globe

@er1n VERY SAME, i have not stopped screaming since this man crossed my path

@scribblefrog I think the worst thing about all of this is that I hear every reply in Blobby’s voice

@scribblefrog this sums up cishet men on the internet just...*chef kiss*

"ok babe you got snapchat"

it's almost too perfect.

@aag @scribblefrog me: I will murder you and your family with burning knives just to see you suffer
cishet men bot: ok babe you got snapchat?

@pbandkate I have been screaming forever since I received this message, what ARE men

@scribblefrog @pbandkate a miserable little pile of horny. but enough talk! here's my dick

@scribblefrog My first online dating profile ever was an OKCupid account called "normul_hoomon" in which I roleplayed a tentacled, flesh eating alien who parroted extreme and distorted conservative beliefs, and was very badly concealing the fact that they wanted to trick humans into meeting them in deserted fields to abduct, experiment on, and ultimately kill and eat them.

A lot of guys were surprisingly into the idea of meeting me. Everyone always laughed along and were like "hahaha, you're so funny. but seriously, can I talk to you like a real person whom I might stick my dick into?" and I would just be like, "YES I AM REAL PERSON! PLEASE DRIVE TO THESSE GPS COORDINATES AND WAIT IN FIELD I WIL COME TAKE YOU! YOU WILL DEFINEITLEY BE INSIDE ME SOON. I HOPE YOU LIKE TEETH."

It was a shame when I got banned, but I can't really complain since I was violating so many rules (my avatar was a pencil sketched alien blasting a stick figure into a skeleton with a ray gun, looking very bored).

@scribblefrog holy cow that is some impressive work right there

@scribblefrog it honestly looks like a great way to vet people for being tedious bastards too

@scribblefrog jumping in again to say that this is probably still the funniest shit anyone here has done

@scribblefrog I am curious what Mr blobby's age and sexualiy is. What did you go for?

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