@Jacki@radical.town @hanny@godforsaken.website i was lookin for photos of mr blobby to make a spoof tinder account with and Excuse me What the Fuck

honestly franky do u not think that bloby would be able to overpower ur weak human form

thank u for tuning in, my messages are dying down now but i'll update the thread if i get any more good ones. this has been inspired by the Mr Blobby Twitter account, @WorstBlobby, which is absolutely worth following if you are still on that hellsite

@scribblefrog thank you scribblefrog this has had a real positive impact. You are a hero

@er1n VERY SAME, i have not stopped screaming since this man crossed my path

@scribblefrog I think the worst thing about all of this is that I hear every reply in Blobby’s voice

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