@lennie listen up piss christ u brought this toot into existence and hence cannot criticise anything i post, ever

@scribblefrog lmao im honoured to have done a post cursed enough to stick in your memory this long. also now im laughing on the train like a weirdo :blobdab:

@scribblefrog why are they open toed!? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

That was literally the deciding swing between "Actually those are neato" and "Why for the love of all that is just and rightous would you cut hole in the toe?"

@Roxxie_Riot i mean i share your open toed hatred but the fact that THAT was the deciding vote for you Concerns Me

@scribblefrog I think they're neato! I wanna wear em with short shorta so it's like regular jeans, but with exposed thighs.

@scribblefrog @Roxxie_Riot if you wear open toed boots you only have to paint 3 toenails on each foot 🤔

@scribblefrog noooooooooooooooooooooo they're cute ripped denim on every part of every body pls

@scribblefrog when their Jean Mecha combine they form Canadian Tuxedon

@scribblefrog you can tell I've watched WAY too much Super Sentai

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