literally it could be a salmon with the word BIRTH on it i don't care

@scribblefrog to date no one has ever made a birthday meme as far as i know. you're breaking new ground

@Zoe this is INCORRECT, there are birthday memes around but they are BAD and NORMIE

@Zoe @scribblefrog im sorry. i shouldve considered your sensitivity to horror, zoë hexe at witches dot live

@scribblefrog @Zoe its because i believe a happy birthday is in order

@scribblefrog not a "good" one but i do have one that i printed out and mailed to a friend to make some sort of point, if you want it

@scribblefrog never make content at 4am
(cw: eye contact, dog with human teeth)

@BestGirlGrace oh i LOVE the birthday skeleton, thank u for reminding me of its existence!!

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