do u ever see a word that reminds u of a past fandom and get trauma flashbacks

@scribblefrog i've been to anime conventions but never a comic one.

Anime conventions are way more chill than people give them credit for, usually the shitty people congregate in one of 2 areas that i never go to anyway

@Los_Ingobernables_De_Jorts i've never been to an explicitly anime con, comicon/MCM Expo tend to be a mashup of general nerdy media. i have, however, encountered my fair share of generally shady/questionable anime fans

@scribblefrog i'm sorry about that fam. i know they exist and can ruin a whole con experience. hope one day nerd communities are more chill

@Los_Ingobernables_De_Jorts honestly most of them were pretty chill and the vast majority of cringe looking back on my expo days is accompanied by a fondness of the fun we were having at the time!! i still 100% love nerd communities and would choose them over a lot of social interactions, it's just that looking back i can identify a lot of problematic stuff that i wasn't 100% aware of at the time. i guess that happens throughout life tho, we're always learning

@scribblefrog i've always said that the biggest weeb/nerd haters are former weebs/nerds and yeah, nothing we can do about not knowing/tolerating shitty behavior in the past but we have the future ahead of us!

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