@scribblefrog mac os is based on bsd which is also a type of bdsm

@scribblefrog @sophia excuse me but I think what you're referring to as "bdsm" is in fact more properly referred to as "gnu/bdsm"

@scribblefrog inflicts cruelty and dehumanization on some participants, a largely hedonistic pursuit, wrong to talk to people about they don't want to hear it, men will explain it to you no matter how much you point out you know about it already and have 10+ years experience

@sophia @scribblefrog I just have a well sorted out screengrab folder :D

@scribblefrog so that means I can say I have 9 years BDSM experience *updates résumé*

Oh damn I thought the joke was that it's painful but a lot of people seem to like it
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