oh no.... there's a teenage boy on the bus explaining the entire plot of game of thrones to a teenage girl who is desperately trying to look interested and clearly knows nothing about it and has no interest in watching it

my love, my sweet girl, you do not have to feign interest in littlefinger's backstory, run while you can

he's explaining the bedding ceremony and i can't see her face but she has been 100% silent through this whole thing

every single woman has been on the receiving end of this and i do not know why every single white man thinks that explaining a series is a fun thing to listen to, but APPARENTLY THEY DO


and like full disclosure i fucking love game of thrones, and this guy's knowledge is pretty encyclopedic, it's impressive, but my guy, you are fully putting this girl off ever watching this series, just say "it's good i love it 10/10 recommend" and then switch the conversation to something that you can both relate to, i am begging you

@scribblefrog lol i mean the problem is that men like this dont listen though. :p

@Zoe i dunno zoë i think a lot of them at that age are just completely oblivious to how obnoxious they are being????? and they just don't grow out of it because society doesn't require them to examine their behaviour to be accepted

@scribblefrog i mean you may be right, im still like. 31 now so my answer is always - eh maybe just get rid of cis men

@scribblefrog Linux nerds are like this a lot too, so unaware that randomly throwing information about something uninteresting like some sort of full frontal assault isn't a helpful advertisement... Errrrrm

@Shrigglepuss i mean when you have a vested interest in a cool thing, it's hard not to wax lyrical about it!! ur excited!! i have had this struggle about game of thrones and the walking dead for years!! but the difference is that when i go "omg did u see last night's walking dead" and they go "nah i don't watch it" then my response is to mourn the lack of shared enthusiasm for like TWO SECONDS and then take the fucking hint that they don't wanna talk about it!!!!!

@scribblefrog 💯! Like why waste everyone's time and energy like that 😂

@scribblefrog @Shrigglepuss this is something you learn with age though, is it not?

@maloki @Shrigglepuss you'd think so, but there are still so many guys who do it well into adulthood??

@maloki @scribblefrog you'd think so, but people I know that regularly do this are well into adulthood... I appreciate that they won't know until they learn and that it's kinda sad and maybe upsetting for them that not everyone is excited about the same stuff or to the same degree but it's definitely a useful skill to be able to differentiate between when it's appropriate to excitedly shit facts at somebody and when it's really not appreciated

@Shrigglepuss @scribblefrog yeah, I agree. I think think we let men get away with a lot of shit, so they don't get to learn some basic social skills. It's unfortunate.

@maloki @scribblefrog yeah it's well shit, I always make a point of helping other men out of that shit cos I'm in a natural position of trust and safety but fucking hell how did it get to this when they're grown-ass adults

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