also, look at this wrapping, i am rather proud considering that most of the paper was salvaged from wallpaper scraps

i was curling ribbon on presents earlier and i just found the tiniest ribbon curl in the world

i have to google half of the bullshit u guys talk about and then i look some of it up and wikipedia's like "yeah it's a stupid sapiosexual word for 'a debate' bro don't worry about it" like what the Fuck just call it a Fucking Argument

ok i was gonna make fun of this dickhead for talking about an organic house but its actually a pretty cool house

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Millie's at the vets and we're both a bit worried and sad so it's face-cuddle time

thick thighs may save lives but they cost me a fuckin fortune in leggings

(pic of inner thighs, clothed... mostly)

throwback to the time we got mice in our flat so i bought a hamster cage and kept them

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sparkle sparkle, bitches