@citrustwee i will make a thread of all of my shitty 2008 OCs from deviantart

@wintgenstein @citrustwee cursed child just fuckin span off any character development that happened in the books ever. the only even vaguely faithful character representation was hermione, and the next-gen teens were a cold-cut copy of the original three. im Mad

one of the fondest memories i had in college was in a 17th century literature class when i look over to the guy next to me (a total jock on the track team but who was an english and history major) and he's reading harry potter fanfic on his laptop and i was like "you don't see that every day" and he was like "it actually has a lot of literary merit"

@wintgenstein @citrustwee ........ scorpius and albus


@citrustwee HDHFHGJG SHUT UP,,,,,,,,,,, I NEVER MADE ANYTHING THAT UNORIGINAL!!!!!!!! i was an OC elitist smh........ no lazy recolours!!!!!!!!

... i did rp on a harry potter nextgen site tho

@scribblefrog lmaoooo. tell me all about your OCs elise....... were they furry OCs........... or were they like..... homestuck characters except with one color changed or whatever....

@dragon @toilet i have no idea if it was serious or not but i'm a fuckin magpie, i collect all manner of cool things, so i am 100% doing jt

@citrustwee its ok........ through years of therapy i am now a better person............ it all feels somewhat like a fever dream

@toilet idk really, just anything you have that u think is neat!!! thats what im gonna do anyway

@toilet oh no?! i hope the coffee is good at least. did u hear it's show and tell day? i'm gonna make a thread of all the cool stuff in my room

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