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people have measured explosions in all the star wars films and found that some of them are slightly larger, leading to the bigger bang theory

:walmart_spark: :walmart_spark_trans: :walmart_spark_bi: :walmart_spark_pan: :walmart_spark_enby:
no one asked, no one wanted them, they're here anyway

I think we can stop having the last name Allen. there's enough of you as it is. no more Allens

sometimes i see a doggy and im like "... doggy"...

me: honestly y'all overestimate how hard image editing is, you should really pick it up and start making your own ideas
also me: [absolutely fuckin' eats up the attention I get for filling image editing requests]

Honestly, whoever has an idea for a spam detection measure for Mastodon, and by that I do mean an implementation, get in touch with me, I'll pay for it.

I've been thinking about solutions for the past few days but the more I think about them the more they appear pointless.


holy shit i just found screenshots of the time this dude hit me up and i just didn't stop talking about bakugan

NO, Wife, i CANNOT come to dinner with your "parents" tonight, i HAVE to workshop "The Shower Puff Girls" into a SUCCESSFUL toot by 5PM or i won't meet my Clout quota for the day!!!!!!!!!!!!

@HomosexualsAreEvil@libretooth.gr eat an entire barrel of dicks

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