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Just according to Kotex

[translator's note: Kotex is a women's sanitary device]

A conservative family member is complaining about passive capital income and in this close to saying “is somewun gwumpy because they fouwnd out how capitawism works uWu”

@jzs42069 I'm picturing one of these with cocktail shrimp bobbing in it

old me wasn't even me, twas a ruse, an elaborate and painful hoax, a ploy with living hour by hour in mind, you fools, you chunder goats, you shuddering trifle wombles

hey fediverse tell me the best insult you've ever heard

i just saw @Katarzyna use the phrase "shuddering trifle wombles" and i am completely in awe

[TL starts getting sad]

me: uh, fuck, shit, uh :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙 :blobheart: 💙

in these divisive times, we can all agree on one thing: i am currently online enjoying my time

Me, after looking at what's going on on my home feed: You have entered the horn zone

Just got into a new flat earth meme FB group and hhhooooo baby.

'the #enbymafia has been expecting you'
i turn around in my chair, revealing me petting a cute turtle.
"do u want some tea or something?"

@sophia one cum to rule them all and in the cummies, bind them

Good evening to everyone following me for insightful social commentary only to find it's mostly just cum jokes

@scribblefrog an intense loathing of yourself that extends to everything else

@scribblefrog i'm just kidding. i got nothing on this one

honestly bodies r so fucking beautiful, lovin our forms is so fucking good, pls share that u love urself & ur skin as much as u can, esp if ur body/identity subvert societal norms. u are so beautiful and u should tell the world that u know that!!!

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sparkle sparkle, bitches