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this place is cool cause i can just say let's talk about beans, and then everyone talks about beans for a while

Hey gamers today I want to share a pro tip I discovered it's these little things called "eggs" and they got food inside if you can figure out how to open them

@scribblefrog @bryn @FrazzledBrynn @Bryanne we also need a Brynjolf so i stop wanting to call bryn brynjolf every time

@pisscotheque this should not be coming from the author of "youngledore, dumbledore and full of cumbledore"

There's @bryn and me, a Brynn. So the next Bryn that arrives on mastodon should be Brynnn, and the next a Brynnnn and so on.

here is a thing i made a while ago, i guess it’s kind of relevant for valentines day

@BestGirlGrace use this. it won't help him in any way, but i bet it would be funny to see his reaction.

the idea for this came to me before i fell asleep last night. this is called the "poster's curse"

you new folks better be ready to be flabbergasted by the sheer size of my dumb, gentle, sobft heart

If you think black people are just mad about slavery then boy do I have several decades between the 20th and 21st century for you

just remembered that i used to know a guy who would unfailingly reply to the question "how are you" with various forms of "horny T_T" and honestly it's a miracle that more straight cis white men are not murdered every year

do u ever see a word that reminds u of a past fandom and get trauma flashbacks

don’t make me shower you with attention

extremely upsetting that i live somewhere without 24hr takeaway food

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sparkle sparkle, bitches