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⛔ 🚨 👮‍♀️ STOP!!! 👮‍♀️ 🚨 ⛔


you MAY NOT pass until u have provided the necessary paperwork!!!! 📝✋🖼️

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its like my brain has to lead my clueless ass away from the Tempting Chaotic Bastard Energy Reservoir and through a series of convoluted thought hoops before i can reach the Basic Sensory Input Readout that says "put on a fucking jumper"

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emotions are Big and terrifying but so is the sea and i love her so it's probably going to be okay

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reddit is named thus because i have already read all the old-ass content they put on that fuckin web site

I have a composting bin in my garden that has looked so naff for so many years. With the rest of the garden completed it stood out as a bit of an eyesore.
So I've made it stand out more.

Or when they cover their faces when they are asleep. ヽ(^‥^=ゞ)

this is my favorite rendition of the astronaut meme

werewolf transformation but the wolf is facing the other direction so your face turns into a wolf ass

mr worldwide please join

I keep seeing those images all over Instagram and all I can say is:

we would love to have PITBULL here on godforsaken website instance, mastodon

she is small and warm and surprisingly but comfortingly heavy

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my mom who is a cancer survivor, my sister, and myself all have chronic illness and asthma and if you arent taking this seriously you essentially dont care if we die thanks

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Someone has brought their own rocking chair to the train station so they can have a socially-distanced sit down, which is some real monarch shit


me: (opening the curtains)

biglarge spider: hello

me: (closing the curtains)

still mad that i tricked myself into making a game engine

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sparkle sparkle, bitches