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hello naughty children it's posting all the memes on my phone time

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emotions are Big and terrifying but so is the sea and i love her so it's probably going to be okay

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je suis pas bipède, je suis panpède
marche avec ses main et ses pieds

dragons but with the snake snoots where they have multiple dots along their snoot

the cool thing about being a mother now is that i can turn people into moths whenever i want

Just want to remind you all of the kinds of fucked up things your "vampire king" has said about our undersea friends smdh

Unintentional problematic use of language 

The swipe keyboard is trying to fucking destroy me, several times now I've said "hooray!" to someone's good news, only to just barely catch before I send it: the keyboard has corrected that to "gay"

🚨 Can you fucking imagine 🚨

Friend: I submitted to that art show, and my piece got in!

Me: gay

my brother wrote about this incident for his 1st grade journal. he accidentally spelled 'guy' as 'gay' the whole story so somewhere we have a paper with "the gay was bad. my dad chased the gay until the other gays could come and help" scribbled in childs handwriting. iconic family tale.

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sir you cant vibe here. sir this is private property.

@dirt haters (dirt) are gonna say it (being prevented from breaking your neck) is fake

haters (torie) are gonna say it (me doing a backflip rn) is fake

rlly thought a bitch was brushing her teeth but i guess shes just posting in there, what else has she been lying about #openyoureyes

politician said internet word!! AWOOOGA!! what dances will my favourite actors do next?? what slurs will my favourite brand say?? BOIOIOING

i'm transcribing a file and she is sniffling DIRECTLY into the microphone and i am ready to Stab

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sparkle sparkle, bitches