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here are the matching scarf n hat for my grandparents, where i learned to do lace & fairisle, and slippers for my partner & mother in law!!

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hello naughty children it's posting all the memes on my phone time

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emotions are Big and terrifying but so is the sea and i love her so it's probably going to be okay

Our D&D group did a fun one-shot today where I played a dwarf grandma who left her pig farm to become a nature paladin

She doesn't have a burning passion to fight for good, she's just in it for the divine job benefits like immunity to rheumatism and other drawbacks of old age

#mastoart #DnD


to all bugs whom i encounter on the shower: i will not harm you but be warned i am googling you >:|

randomly remembered when I worked at a restaurant and one of the other hosts started talking shit about a server she didn't like. she told me "ugh can you believe [person] used to be a porn star?" and when I did not react at all she continued "isn't that so gross?" and then I finally said "no. she should've kept doing it, she probably made a lot more money" and then the other host stopped talking shit about that server around me


but they love you
over and over, they love you
thousands and thousands of eyes just like mine
hoping to find who they are

Me: I want some hobby varnish

Search results: did you say 12 gallons of boat paint

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lil art patriarchal society rant 

found a pretty cool art tutorial series by some guy on youtube, but it slowly became more and more clear that he was one of the very many who draw a whole wide variety of guy body types but only one exact same skinny skimpily-clad boobs-out sort of fantasy/sci-fi woman, and this culminated in clicking on a shading vid where he literally drew her ass in a thong for the example.

this happens so often and im so tired


anyway cool i'd like them to fuck off & away now

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sparkle sparkle, bitches