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emotions are Big and terrifying but so is the sea and i love her so it's probably going to be okay

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shrieking about overworld, probably spoilers 

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if u haven't seen me around lately pls know that i am honestly just 12 hermit crabs in a trench coat

logging on to here to get pissed of and shitted off. no excuses from my loyal followers who are too embarrassed to block. dont look away

Mads deserves a fucking medal of honour for actually trying the coffee grounds thing

laughing so hard at the adjective "butt ass"

@wintgenstein sometimes i think about how much effort it takes to just look like you are behaving normally and my brain goes inside out

storming into the office, holding a piece of paper that just says "enby kiss", shouting "WHO THE FUCK AUTHORISED THIS"

don't open gross inside 

doing a racism on main 

roaming the TL with an iphone flashlight. looking for an honorable poster.

"night crew" just sounds cooler then "sleep disorder support group"

wait this ones worse. what dark magic is that hot dog working

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sparkle sparkle, bitches