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hello naughty children it's posting all the memes on my phone time

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emotions are Big and terrifying but so is the sea and i love her so it's probably going to be okay

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@triz posting by shouting at siri as god intended

@seafrog implications are adorable and conseqences may be even more so, you may never live this down

lots of mounted and stuffed animals 

I’m at the hunting lodge. I’m at the logging camp. I’m at the combination hunting lodge/logging camp.

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just a warning for the gays, it's reaching a time of year where people look at you weird for having ice coffee

you're only not a dingus if you follow me on this account, otherwise you actually are a dingus and im not sorry for calling you a dingus in the mass message i sent

@seafrog if I was a cat who’d had their tail shaved I would happily wear this

@seafrog please, please show us any pictures when the cat is wearing it

@seafrog oh mate i couldn’t agree more, i think it’s the most important clothe ive ever seen

all kidding aside, if you want to know more about us, the people who've inhabited and tended to the beautiful land now known as california for thousands of years, here's some links to click:

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@Louisa @Pixley thanks to both of you for teaching me so much about waluigi's genitals and proclivities

@Pixley Karen is posting nerd shit and I have the screenshots

I had almost forgotten that Waluigi is a VORE MAN, he loves VORE

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sparkle sparkle, bitches