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hello naughty children it's posting all the memes on my phone time

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emotions are Big and terrifying but so is the sea and i love her so it's probably going to be okay

Detransitioning? No I'm retransitioning I'm double trans now

@seafrog im a sick little freak who likes a dry pickle what can I say

@seafrog this is a pro-brine household and having a lil sippy is normal if not encouraged :blobcatcoffee:

@seafrog THIS is where we differ sweet elise I tamp my pickles down on kitchen roll. your fuckin loose with the juice though babe jesus

@seafrog pickle juice is Medieval sports drink. This is not a shitpost. At our local Renaissance festival we have a pickle man who roams around the fest pushing a wheelbarrow full of pickles and picklejuice. The brine replaces salts on a hot day. Roman soldiers drank vinegar for the same reason.

my partner thinks i am weird for drinking pickle juice. pls reassure him that i am very normal, thank's

@Thomas i've had it up to here with your horny sea-posting

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sparkle sparkle, bitches