ok im gonna need everyone to record a voice note of how they're saying this because i have a very distinct cadence in my head and i bet u all do too

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its not necessarily the same cadence and i love the way diff ppl interpret the same words so,, gogo

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@seafrog this post has slipped into the phantom zone

@seafrog haha it's from the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, I was just saying that because it looked like no one saw this post, and it was on my page but then didn't show up (for me) in the thread

@Louisa OO gotcha, my notifs have been weird recently so maybe something's fucky in the world of the fedi? my internet is currently a shit tho so could just be me lmao

@poperigby O H right !!! hhaha sorry i'm just, immediately suspicious of downloads

@seafrog what does it say about my sense of humor that I laughed out loud at this?

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