adhd culture is turning lights off with ur nose bc if u don't carry all of these things downstairs in one trip u will forget them for another three weeks

@seafrog Hmm I do this all the time too but with my forehead because nutting the lights out is #manly

@seafrog I ring the door bell with forehead when I'm carrying a week's worth of grocery.

@RadioAngel i thought about including the mighty elbow in this post but honestly i find the nose easier

@seafrog adhd culture is trying to carry something in your mouth before you realize you are already carrying something with your mouth

... or maybe that's just a me thing

@EmpressZo @seafrog ADHD culture is me trying to think of if I have done this, and what things I could carry in my mouth if I wanted to instead of making food like I need to be doing :/

@diffractie @EmpressZo while smiling at ur relatable ADHD post, i have just realised i've been on here shitposting for an hour when i need to be in bed 🙃🙃

@seafrog usually for us it's using elbows or knees, sometimes the things we're carrying, either way it's all a precarious balancing act of "what needs to happen now"

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