Our three cats intro. 

First up is Bambo.

Bambo is my step-cat. He belongs to @wicche. His hobbies include trying to drown himself in water fountains, getting stepped on in the kitchen because he can't be more than 4 inches away from another living being for extended periods of time, and smothering people and other cats in their sleep. It's often impossible to photograph him because 1) he's a black cat and 2) he wants to be against the camera. Almost all the photos I have of him are Bambo being cute and sleepy because that's the only time you can capture his image. (A notable exception is the infamous photo of Bambo And The Purple Dildo, which I haven't put in his intro post because that's rude.)

Bambo is a cat you have to experience to believe. Bambo has no chill. Bambo does everything 125% (except meowing, which he doesn't do very well). He grew up on the hard streets of upstate New York and never learned fear.

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@seafrog @wicche Okay well actually there are TWO of them, and here they are.


@seafrog @wicche he is our special child and we love him

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