calling people by the wrong name but totally implausible names. Hlafgar. the ultimate flex

making people ask you to repeat the totally arbitrary name you call them. making people ask how to pronounce this name you've chosen for them at random

introducing your cis friend: "this is [wrong name]. [wrong pronoun] was born [wrong binary gender] but identifies as [wrong nonbinary gender]"

@seafrog @byttyrs i can almost certainly name a friend of mine with any gender you genderate from this

if not irl then certainly online


@velexiraptor @byttyrs this is fantastic and i love it and honestly i'm reading down the list for myself and staring very hard at the word 'egg'

@seafrog @byttyrs keep generating until you find one you like? or until you realize you don't like any of them and wanna make your own

@velexiraptor @byttyrs i am doing this thing right now!!!! its a great tool for self exploration thank u!!!!!!!

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