i just learned to write in the hobbit font. reply here & i'll write whatever u type in the hobbit font, until i get tired & fuck off to bed

ok folks that's it im sleeby babey. thanks for the practice!!!!!

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@seafrog oh that's gorgeous! I feel bad, I was subtitling "Eat my Entire Ass: A Hobbit's Tale" lol

@seafrog goob night, sleep tight, don't let the void squirrels steal your soul in the night

@bonzoesc thanks!!! a pal got it for me last xmas, it's v cool to use. only problem is it's hard to dip in narrow inkpots lmao

@seafrog yeah, i looked at it a bit more and realized it wouldn't work with the narrow vials i tend to use a lot

still though, having it off-axis seems like it'd be interesting

@bonzoesc it is v interesting!! it's very useful, i found it v easy to vary the line width with it

@seafrog rotating the pen mid-stroke is something i still haven't got the hang of; maybe i'll look up a flex nib or something

@bonzoesc oh i haven't been rotating it, this nib is flexy!! just press harder for thicker lines, hahah. i wanna work with one with a flat end for the classic calligraphy varied line weights, though, this was just the one i had to hand

@bonzoesc i dunno if i'm even using it right lmao i'm just playing

@seafrog "using it right" is a myth, write in a way that pleases you

@Alonealastalovedalongthe It lets you hold the pen at an angle, as usual, while the nib is vertical! Allows for easier downstrokes, I'm told. I got it as a gift last xmas!!

@seafrog Fantastic tolkein script. Your calligraphic skills are 😗 👌

@chuck Aaaa thank you!!!! I'm still just practicing and learning, it's a lot of fun!!

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