i may get more because i want this to be a Big Blanket and atm it's looking to make more of a single person lap blanket rather than a sprawling sofa snuggle several people blanket and the latter is infinitely superior u kno

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but jeez. i knitted four of these today and while I'm psyched to be knitting more quickly, my hands are Killing Me lmao

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i have knitted an entire bag of blanket squares. 12 balls of wool have become 66 good warm squares hell yeah

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i have also been knitting Many Other Things because i'm an impulsive shit who starts too many projects at once. it was nice to have little projects to finish during the Big Blanket Project tho

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i finished knitting all my blanket squares & im sewing em together now and i am, Very Excited

bonus pics: i tried a bunch of different arrangements yesterday and they're fun but i like the scattered gradient from the other post the best

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@Ophillous aaaa thank u!!!! im so thrilled to be Making An Actual Thing all the time, its so fab


i like all of these but my favorite is the second one from this post. the more direct gradient :) such a cool and huge project

@baronnarcveldt i did consider that one, its a good combo!!! but i didnt like how organised it looked lmao.

thank u!!! it's p cool because i've just been knitting a square or two each evening while watching tv so it was really easy to get them all done hahaha

selfies, ec 

@seafrog scarf looks so good! and you look very cute!

@scarfwitch @Ophillous so much waffle!!! and it all lines up so well 😭😭❤️❤️

@seafrog I am very excited for you and also I will pretend you love weaving in ends, who DOESN'T love that

@Pixley ok a secret of mine is that i fricken Love weaving in ends its so cool bc they just,, Disappear

@Pixley this is possibly bc i only recently learned the cool fun invisible way to do it and it is still a New And Fun Thing but honestly it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon lmao

@kaffeeringe Thank u!!!! thats def the sort of vibe i was going for 😊😊

@seafrog these colors, the gradient you arranged them in, oh my gosh i’m in awe!!! this is gorgeous!!

@seafrog Gorgeous! May I ask if you have a pattern you're using?

@lindentreeisle Thank you!! I used waffle stitch to make the squares:


25 stitches & 30 rows made rough squares for my wool, which is pretty chunky!

there was no overall blanket pattern tho, I started making the squares as a way to get comfortable with knitting continental-style & to knit faster without looking at my hands, so it was just a nice beginner project really!!

@seafrog Thanks! I liked the stitch and didn't recognize it (not a lot of experience). Plus all the stuff I've seen with separate squares before has been crocheted, not knitted. I'm doing a blanket that's all in one piece (just alternating squares of knit & purl, it is also a good beginner project) and thought it might be fun sometime to do one in separate squares like that. ☺️

@lindentreeisle Ahh cute!! I don't know how to crochet yet, but I think there are a lot of cute ways to crochet-join blanket squares!! I wanna learn at some point :> but i'm a beginner too so i've still got my hands full with just knitting!!

ooo the alternate knit-purl squares sound cute!!! do you have any progress photos??

I keep stopping and starting with knitting...the squares are meant to be 4 inches but they ended up slightly short on the vertical. I may try some blocking when I'm done. The pattern called for 8 squares across so I'm well committed to that now, but if I did it again I'd make it wider. Should still be enough to cover me, tho it won't be big enough to make a blanket burrito.

@seafrog ty! I got the pattern off ravelry ravelry.com/patterns/library/e and definitely chose it bc it looked like I couldn't possibly fuck it up. (I didn't predict the part where I restarted it after not knitting for a year and started knitting the wrong way, thus briefly turning it into a funnel instead of a blanket.)

@lindentreeisle ravelry is so good!! i have Lots of things faved on there that i wanna make and i keep having to talk myself down into simpler, actually achievable things for my level lmao

@seafrog hahaha. Ravelry saved this blanket because I had NO IDEA what needle size I had been using but fortunately I told ravelry when I started it.

I really want to get into socks, but the blanket is much more my speed rn because I can do it while I talk to people on zoom (I'm doing a weekly craft night) or watch movies.

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