i may get more because i want this to be a Big Blanket and atm it's looking to make more of a single person lap blanket rather than a sprawling sofa snuggle several people blanket and the latter is infinitely superior u kno

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but jeez. i knitted four of these today and while I'm psyched to be knitting more quickly, my hands are Killing Me lmao

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i have knitted an entire bag of blanket squares. 12 balls of wool have become 66 good warm squares hell yeah

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i have also been knitting Many Other Things because i'm an impulsive shit who starts too many projects at once. it was nice to have little projects to finish during the Big Blanket Project tho

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bonus pics: i tried a bunch of different arrangements yesterday and they're fun but i like the scattered gradient from the other post the best

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i apparently never posted the bag i knitted????? here it is. i put my knitting in the knitted bag that i knitted while i knit :thinkergunsunglasses:

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i am now knitting an owl for my neighbour's son (he is 2) and the pattern is. not impossible, but Challenging

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i picked a very beautiful realistic pattern because of course i did. i am, Regretting

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i have knitted a lumpy pumpkin. i am going to dress up as a witch and throw him at people and say "PUMPKED". this is my dream

i'm knitting a scarf for my sister and the yarn is made of cotton so it's not very stretchy haha, hence the yarn finger (post above)

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@seafrog did you use a pattern for this or wing it? cuz i am interested in knitting some pumpkins of different sizes and many of the patterns i've found on ravelry don't look as good as this

@extinct i knitted this one on ravelry!!


it turned out smaller than i was expecting hhaha but u can probably size up the yarn & needles and get a similar result!!

@seafrog I’m only half joking if you make an Etsy i WILL buy one

@FirstProgenitor ksksjdjgjg ok u have my promise,, if i ever finish knitting my xmas presents for this year i will knit more pumpkins and put them on etsy!!!!!

@CornishRepublicanArmy it did not make any noise but it is always very pleasing to watch them inflate

i once vacuum packed a four-foot long ikea shark and dragged it around london with @lennie and when i got to my destination and gave it to my friend, the un-vacuuming was Glorious

@seafrog @CornishRepublicanArmy lmao i had forgotten you had that giant shark with you, i was secretly envious of your friend 🦈

@lennie @CornishRepublicanArmy i will bring u a giant vacuum packed shark one day my friend. when u least expect it

@seafrog omg they turned your yarn into one of those edible jesus wafers

@seafrog Reminds me of the memes around what people did to take advantage of the USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes, and it's advertising campaign of "If it fits, it ships!"

@seafrog I misread it as "yarn" at first and got extremely confused

@witchfynder_finder RIGHT????? i am Willing summer to be over, i Need to yeet this pumpkin at literally everyone around me, in a Festive way

@a_bun thank u!!!! its my first time learning it and it was uhh tricky but fun!!!!!!

@iconography THANK!!! i am very delighted and plan to make him several small friends

@seafrog I wish to propose marriage to the pumpkin

@Louisa @seafrog I wish you both well, hope you have a happy life together

@balrogboogie @seafrog thank you, we're registered at the home & garden supply

@k if i ever meet u i promise i will yeet a stuffed pumpkin at ur head

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