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finally something that explains the CW effect

@luna like when u see a CW and you know u shouldn't click it but i have compulsively clicked it

@seafrog i mean sometimes it's not very reliable so

@seafrog in this box there is either:
a pretty rock
a deadly virus that will eradicate mankind

you gotta open it to find out :)

@seafrog love exploiting this effect to inflict mass psychic damage and absolve myself of all blame

@seafrog suppose i'm also teaching people to actually pay attention to CWs

really, it's a public service

@seafrog oh my god of course

we've all been conditioned to do this before we were even able to talk

@seafrog I just noticed how weirdly that cupboard opens and now I want one like that

@seafrog also why detailed, at least somewhat standardised, and easy to understand content warnings are important, but just vague, catch-all, generic ones like "Sensitive Content!" do not help and in fact are often utterly counter-productive.

At least here on Mastodon we have text describing the actual content before you open it. :blobthumbsup:

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