my ancestors are smiling at me, incel. can u say the same?


releasing a skyrim mod that replaces 'imperial' with 'incel', and 'stormcloak' with 'simp'

sweet milf, sweet milf, send ur cuck unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be cancelled in blood and fear

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do u get to the clout district very often? oh what am i saying, of course u don't

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u know what's wrong with gk these days? everyone is obsessed with the devastating accuracy of tess's puns

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if you've got the aptitude, u should join the sage's college in

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@seafrog I've lived with her for 5 or so years, I receive puns whilst I'm pissing, bathing, sleeping, eating, fucking. It's all puns.

@FrazzledBrynn i am just, in awe of brains that do the connecting in this way

@seafrog IKR, she was like this 10 years ago too. She prolly came out her ma's vag punning away

@diffractie @FrazzledBrynn damn you horncloaks. simperials were nice & lazy til u came along

@FrazzledBrynn @seafrog mid-coital wordplay? inter-urinatory puns? trophic quips? clean innuendo? sopor paronomasia? amazing

@diffractie i used to be a puntender like u, but then i shut the fuck up

@seafrog I will never shut the fuck up.

I am as fearless in death as i was in your wife.

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