hello naughty children it's posting all the memes on my phone time

changed my mind im doing homemade memes first and im starting with a banger

o yea these aren't homemade any more we're just in my wholesome memes collection now

theres a definite theme here, and that theme is: 'violent affection'

that's most of the wholesome memes folder. i have a bunch of heart reacts too, here are some of my faves

ok i was gonna do the mh memes next but honestly they're A Lot™ so i'll whack em in a different thread sometime lmao

i always think of this as a cat but it is definitely not a cat. it is a big mood tho

shrek, horrifying 

legit can't look at this one for too long but i am also somehow compelled to keep it

shrek, horrifying 

@seafrog oh god oh god it's a sleep paralysis Demon

@seafrog I assume in spirit, rather than exactly saying "Tell me about atoms daddy"

@diffractie well see it's a problem because i often wanna quote the thing directly but also i cannot Stand the 'using "daddy" in an adult relationship' thing, so

@diffractie i usually just sub it for "bear bear bear bear bear bear tell me about space" and that works pretty well

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