i may get more because i want this to be a Big Blanket and atm it's looking to make more of a single person lap blanket rather than a sprawling sofa snuggle several people blanket and the latter is infinitely superior u kno

but jeez. i knitted four of these today and while I'm psyched to be knitting more quickly, my hands are Killing Me lmao

i have knitted an entire bag of blanket squares. 12 balls of wool have become 66 good warm squares hell yeah

i have knitted like 18 balls of wool into blanket squares and i have 6 left lmao

i have also been knitting Many Other Things because i'm an impulsive shit who starts too many projects at once. it was nice to have little projects to finish during the Big Blanket Project tho

i finished knitting all my blanket squares & im sewing em together now and i am, Very Excited

bonus pics: i tried a bunch of different arrangements yesterday and they're fun but i like the scattered gradient from the other post the best

i apparently never posted the bag i knitted????? here it is. i put my knitting in the knitted bag that i knitted while i knit :thinkergunsunglasses:

i am now knitting an owl for my neighbour's son (he is 2) and the pattern is. not impossible, but Challenging

i picked a very beautiful realistic pattern because of course i did. i am, Regretting

i have knitted a lumpy pumpkin. i am going to dress up as a witch and throw him at people and say "PUMPKED". this is my dream

i'm knitting a scarf for my sister and the yarn is made of cotton so it's not very stretchy haha, hence the yarn finger (post above)

this owl is also a bit lumpy but also i love him. he just needs legs and then he'll be a real boy

i may or may not have knitted a tail warmer for a cat who had his tail shaved for an operation. accusations are unfounded at this stage

if i hear any dick jokes i Will accuse u of having the spagety penor

im also knitting a cat hoodie & im very excited about it

@diffractie thanku!!! im so excited to gift them and see the cats wearing them 😭😭😭

@seafrog what the heck this is gorgeous!!! I cant believe this is your first hat the cabling is so nice and neat :blobaww:

@orbal_exhaustion 😭😭 thank u!!! i have had a lil practice cabling before but yes, first hat!!! ❤️❤️

@seafrog :amaze: it's so beautiful.............. I've tried to do cable several times and it's never turned out this neat

@immortalzen waa thank u!! this one did turn out particularly neatly ;w; ❤️

@seafrog 0_0 I've knitted a few hats on a circular loom but never anything that nice.

@RadioAngel aw thank you!! (wow, circular loom?? i've never seen one of those)

@seafrog Here's one version. There's an older version that uses a hand crank which is cool. One person hooked one up to a wind turbine to mass produce knitwear. :)

@swirlz little outfits!! for babies!!!!!! the possibilities are ENDLESS

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