my partner thinks i am weird for drinking pickle juice. pls reassure him that i am very normal, thank's

@seafrog @breakfastgolem @finn i am not even kidding thank you for reminding me that i have pickle juice in da fridge

@seafrog they sell it in cans though, so it must not be that uncommon

@seafrog we usually have dill and spicy pickles and I keep trying to get her to drink the spicy one. She did it once on a dare but won't do it again

@seafrog we have some pickles called "devil spit" and they're really delicious but you can only eat like 1 or 2 at a time.

@kevinwhipwrecked @seafrog Duce is allowed to do whatever he wants. He's interviewing for the HC job today and I want him to get it

@kevinwhipwrecked @seafrog yeah, by all accounts an awesome guy and a great coach. I wish him nothing but success

@seafrog my partner does this too and i think it's weird but now i think it's slightly less weird

@seafrog recently we thawed some pizza sauce from the freezer and it was too watery so I strained out the liquid and made a virgin mary out of it. HTH

Suebians (Schwaben) live in the south of Germany. They are part of Alaman group. Distinction between Alaman and Suebian is political. They share a dialect group, from Switzerland, some Austria, France and Germany.

@wauz ahh right, i understand!! sorry, i thought you were calling me suebian and was confused, ahaha

Well, as far as I can see, Normal is no applicable nationality. Norman was, but I don't know, if they drink brine. But I know a lot of Suebians (including me) that do so.
Therefor I label you 'Suebian', at least h.c.

@wauz i graciously accept this label. i will be coming to join my fellow brine-drinkers asap

@seafrog pickle juice is Medieval sports drink. This is not a shitpost. At our local Renaissance festival we have a pickle man who roams around the fest pushing a wheelbarrow full of pickles and picklejuice. The brine replaces salts on a hot day. Roman soldiers drank vinegar for the same reason.

@ewankeep aw hell yeah i knew i liked it for a reason!!! i'm clearly just a reincarnated sword lesbian

@ewankeep @seafrog hang on is this a wheelbarrow with jars of pickles or just like a wheelbarrow full of pickle brine sloshin around and the occasional pickle bobbing around all loose like

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