womens deodorant: hehe :blobblush: women dont sweat :blobkissblush: heres some cotton scented bullshit that does fuck all~~ 💃


@seafrog gendered deodorant is such shit, just make me smell like a real smell is that so hard

@seafrog P MUCH. the only deodorant I've found that actually works and doesn't make me break out in hives or smell like floral death is Ban, and it's IMPOSSIBLE TO FUCKING FIND OUT HERE uggggggh

@hafnia HATE to have an extremely picky exterior layer!!!! i am v similar with Things That Go On My Skin

@seafrog So many deodorants just smell terrible in general. One would think that their main point -- apart from reducing sweating, of course -- is making you smell better, but apparently not!
I've found the ones from more "natural" brands are far better though. I love the ones from Schmidt's, especially one that smells like juniper and cedarwood! And they do no gendered bullshit as far as I know; just good products for everyone.

@Mayana right?? i just want to, Not Smell Bad???

yeah i think i'm gonna go for one of the small business natural deodorant ones!! i tried salt of the earth before but it sucked lmao, i've heard good things about Fussy so i'm gonna try that next

@seafrog Haven't heard about either of those before. Thanks for the info, and do let us all know how your experiment with Fussy goes! :ms_smile:

@M0YNG @Mayana no apology needed!! i love the fancy packaging there, it looks so neat

@seafrog @Mayana that's one of the few things I don't like about it!
It's a solid stick that you push out like a glue stick, but you have to shove fairly hard in the middle and it can't be retracted so it often sticks to the inside of the lid/cover.
I find it hard to push, can't imagine someone with arthritis would have any luck!

@M0YNG @Mayana aw that's annoying!! i've heard similar things about cardboard packaging before, which sucks because it's much more environmentally friendly. it's what drew me to Fussy, because it looks like you have one recyclable plastic case & then use refills that come in paper. i'll let you know if it's any good!!

@M0YNG That looks pretty good at a glance as well, although they unfortunately don't have my favorite scents. But I am much more fascinated by their other products, like: Bacon and Maple syrup Lip Balm, Vegan Lip Repair by The Prohibition Co.
A vegan bacon-scented lip balm? Now that's something! I ... am not sure if I want one.

@seafrog the one deodorant that works on me is the mitchum ones that look like giant lip balms, but it does make me smell either like strong talc or that lemon carpet powder you lay down before you hoover it up

@FrazzledBrynn i use Sure invisible stick on my underarms and then i WAS using the Sure Antibacterial spray (non gendered!!!) on other vague sweaty areas but it has VANISHED from tesco and i'm very mad about it

-i wholeheartedly agree
-but sorry, mind tagging (cw) with partial caps next time?

@TPO100Cofficial i'm really sorry, i capslock quite a lot and am very likely to forget to cw it, i would advise not following/blocking/muting me if it's something that distresses you!! 💚💚

@seafrog i see! that's okay!!
while it doesn't bring me harm most of the time, i do have some friends who are a bit sensitive
...ah, heck, i feel kinda guilty boosting that toot now


Axe deodorant smells like the fucking locker rooms in a gym full of sweaty fat people who haven't showered in a month.

The only men's deodorant I've ever tried that didn't smell like ass was Old Spice's regular deodorant.

@fristi axe smells SO overpowering, i fuckin hate it lmao!! all the popular girls at my school used to shower in it for some reason and it Killed me

also i am fat and i smell Lovely !! do not lump me in with Stinkers™

@seafrog so, you hate the deodorant market in general
@seafrog i dont even wear deodorant partly because the products are all useless, partly because i dont sweat much and if i do then i probably dont care about how i smell

@opal hahaha unfortunately i am a sweaty stinker if i do not, so i will continue in my search

@seafrog ...There's a reason we avoid putting on deodorant as much as possible. >,,>

We should look for non-stinky ones.

@seafrog years ago I couldn’t find my deodorant one morning so I just used my ex’s thinking ‘gender is bullshit anyway, I’m sure men’s deodorant is just fine’. The smell was so strong that I felt like I was being gassed by my armpits all day and I ended up with a headache

@dreadpirateyarr @seafrog I don't know how they make a deodorant that smells worse than body odour.
And my god the headaches from it are so bad.

@dreadpirateyarr @seafrog there's a weird perception that scent is girly stuff, but I have to look for my unperfumed deodorant in the women's section.

@seafrog unscented "mens" deodorant is the only way to go.

@seafrog it took me so long to find a deoderant that wasn't either useless or offensively smelly, and I think if I buy another one it'll cost me like $50 (got this one for free from a friend). Fucking bull shit if you ask me

@seafrog @colon_three dont forget the extra carcinogens in womens deoderant! Dont you want to rub talc all over your pits ladies? Keeps you dry!!

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