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Hi, I'm Sophia! I'm non-binary and use they/them.
I'm a photographer who focuses a lot on birds (mostly ducks), self portraits, and forest scenes. I talk politics sometimes and bait nerds with terrible linux jokes. I'm vain af.

I cw for things related to politics, health stuff (though mostly *not* my experience with disability), violence, food, drugs. I use the sensitive media tag on anything lewd/nude/selfies. If this is a problem I won't be offended if you block or mute me.

I've tried compiling my archive 3 times and it won't do it. What the fuck

write captions for ur images so that when my shit internet doesn't load the pictures i can still laugh at how bad ur posts are

Well this is pretty fucking good if you're on a budget and need storage. 16 quid for 512gb micro sd. 😲😳

If you're going to give me *technical* critique, not just aesthetic, then understand that you are automatically wrong anyway because my camera settings are a clusterfuck and I'm winging it. You'd be better off telling me to throw the camera into a pond :blobshrug:

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Thing is with giving artists unsolicited critique on their work is you have no idea the motivation behind their doing it and no idea what their desired outcome is.

Whatever you think they could have done to improve on it is often going to be wrong, even if you believe it's correct. Rarely are views and motivations on art going to align, and by giving unsolicited advice on how it could be done "better" you're just straight up being a dick.

@sophia i’ve been hunting in these woods all my life and i’ve never seen hide nor hair of a FOSS. something that free and open would leave a trace, wouldn’t it? but every year the FOSSers come to their little convention to talk in my backyard about software, which isn’t even real either!

FOSS isn't even real, I don't know what these linux nerds are even talking about

every one must wear a free speech diaper to protest mastodon deleting posts that say "Fuck arch linux" and "Open source is some fake shit"

wild that cishet guys think eating meat is super hetero
ive seen lots of vids of guys eating meat and none of those looked very hetero at all

no. delete. how delete posts mastodon. google how to remov post's

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Instagram, piercing 

*starts looking up needles for piercing*

not quite how this works my dude

in search of that most elusive cryptid, the Good Dick.

For every new person I get to know its like two doctors pop up to ensure there's an untold ratio continuing

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sparkle sparkle, bitches