Bunnies are adorable in carefully trimmed and cropped videos but please think very hard before considering getting one. What you see is not what you get.

They are complex to keep, not nearly as docile as most think, are a 10yr commitment, and in the UK alone a whopping *75%* end up neglected or in bad health from poor care.

Human babies need these kind of warning labels too

@sophia very important information. I could say the same for chickens. Owning critters is a commitment not to be underestimated

@sophia I have to keep this in mind every time you post one of them tbh 😅

(I suppose the same disclaimer could go for me as well, tbh 👀)

@sophia but you append this warning with the cutest picture ever

@kaniini I've been a bunny guardian for a year and two weeks now. if I had to guess, I'd say for every 5 hours of napping and 30 minutes of care (per day) there are at least two or three heart melting/hilarious moments that make everything else all worth it.


@sophia thank you so much for writing this. i loved my pet rabbits so much growing up and it breaks my heart whenever I see them neglected or improperly cared for. your bunnies seem so happy and healthy :blobbunhappy:

@sophia We also have a pair of bunnies we keep in the Royal menagerie. They were supposed to bond and share a cage, but one of them does not understand lagomorph social cues and the other one is a diva who bites him when he does not groom her on demand.

Rabbits are not some “starter pet to teach your foals responsibly”

Animal neglect 

@sophia That domain name never fails to make me laugh x')

People are idiots when it comes to pets. They're not toys. They're alive. They eat, they breathe, they move around. They think, they feel, they get bored, they get lonely.

@sophia They also shit and pee all the time and in incredible amounts.

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