I really care about privacy, that's why I use linux, I won't use gmail, and I have never had a facebook account.
Oh, my home interface? I have an alexa and smart meter with apps running everything..

@sophia i wish i could even almost tell if this is sarcasm


I work in information security and the disconnect my coworkers have between digital security and data privacy is truly mind boggling.

@jeff yeah, this could easily be a subtoot of half of infosec nerds haha

@hirojin @jeff hello yes I value my privacy intently and big companies are evil, please let me pay a lot of money for one to put a listening device in my home and manage everything about my life :oof:

@sophia @jeff i've been considering for quite some time to do tiny bits of home automation with — especially now that my partner & i are operating with a maximum of one hand at a time.

@sophia There's open source smart homes as well! Have never tried them, but seems like a good choice for privacy-aware people.

@sophia I would love to get rid of everything Google or Microsoft, but they don't permit me to leave. By the way, Linux distros are way better than Windows editions!

@sophia bUT YoU YouNG MaIDeN SEeMs LosT WHeN TAlkINg abOUT tEChNolOGy

@sophia seems legit; I'm yet to meet an entirely logically consistent person, they would probably be very boring.

Shouldn't Mycroft be in this thread somewhere? I guess I'll mention it...
My limited testing of it has yielded mixed results

@sophia Replying just to add the tags to credit the missing projects: #GNU

@adfeno @sophia the missing project which actually wasn't used because it was all sarcasm? dry humor.

I will boost this every time someone thinks I'm serious gdi

@binchicken if you joke about being inept with infosec or Linux they will come

@sophia I use Linux because Microsoft and Apple do me a sadness. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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