fuck Stallman, non-free bitches what up

@sophia I'm up, and so is my server. Also Stallman Is pure and saint, please don't talk bad of him. He's done so much for us all.

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@sophia I didn’t renew my membership in FSF after his antics over that stupid “joke” deletion/reversion earlier this year. Now I’m even more glad.

@paulkruczynski I haven't heard about that but pre-emptive :yikes: ready for when I do

@sophia here’s the least-ridiculous place I could source it from:

As the article notes, it’s not funny at all.

My further objection is that if Stallman truly believes in a pro-choice stance, he shouldn’t make a mealy-mouthed lame joke about. Just come out and say it. Make a stand, point people to sources, etc.

@paulkruczynski nah it's good to keep up with what's going on so thank you

@sophia @paulkruczynski No one could possibly have foreseen that this old white computer-guy would turn out to be :yikes: and tone-deaf 🤔

@sophia @paulkruczynski I think this is what renowned genius and famous non-crank Nassim Nicholas Taleb refers to as a black swan event 🙃

@sophia @cronjager I am surprised, a little, that more wasn’t made of these things before. But everyone’s learning.

@paulkruczynski @sophia

well it did result in a funny joke in the end

"Other project contributors chided Oliva for failing to follow the project's consensus-based process, which only exists until Stallman throws an exception."

*pins to see how much FOSS-nerd follow requests go down*

@sophia *Waits to see how many people who genuinely want to fuck Stallman start following*

@sporiff Venn diagram of people who didn't read the thread and want to fuck stallman is a circle

@sophia welp, thanks to you, I now know his name is Richard “Voluntary Pedophilla is not Harmful” Stallman

I was surprised recently when I posted a birdsite thread where someone showed how awful RMS is and brought receipts. Very few of the faithful were diving into my mentions. I think that's mainly because of the proactive moderation of my instance. That and I've publicly bashed him before.

Frankly, I think even more of you for your Stallman stance. :flan_guns:

@kurtm The thing with RMS stans is they don't want to interact with anyone who can bring evidence he's a shit. The ones who'd leap to his defence generally don't know he is, and when it's his own words, from his own site, there is nothing you can argue with unless you're morally bankrupt enough to argue in favour of all his BS. Few are willing to do so.

Nice to meet other people who aren't willing to give him a pass ❤️

He wraps himself so carefully with GNU, the GPL, and the FSF to try and make sure one cannot separate him from any of it. Some of ths RMS stans are just RMS fanboy cultists. Some of them have been pulled in by this. Hopefully the latter group will wake up some day.

@kurtm @sophia Stallman is shit, and GPL is old news.

Have you heard the Gospel of Copyfarleft? o.o

@kurtm @sophia oooh, got a link to the birdsite thread? I can't seem to find it easily via masto search.

@sophia @stevelord Found it. Sent it to you two as a DM reply to that thread.

Now to boost both those toots again.

@sophia Well I was going to respond with joke about "daddy stallman" but the discussion above made me reconsider.

@sluglife I almost wish no one had replied with praise so I could have kept shitposting but alas

@RudyTooter only one person responded with idolatry and immediately went back on it lmao
I should give it a go on twitter

More likely to get a rise from Stallin than Stalman in the tweetland

@RudyTooter @sophia

Stallman may be bad, but it doesn't make the FOSS movement bad.

I'll take computing freedom over a walled garden any day.

Couldn't care less about Stallman as long as there are still people fighting for digital rights...

So in closing... Yeah, Stallman isn't a good role model for, well, anyone....

@sophia @RudyTooter


The two are sadly intertwined by many.

I don't need him to hold my position was all I was saying... never been too impressed by him anyhow.

@thegibson Yeah, I suppose that rather underscores the culture around FOSS, eh
It's like the pleroma thing. Plenty of good ones out there, but wow the awful can stand out



I suspect the intertwined nature is because it's about the only face people can attach to it. Kind if how people can say Bill Gates is PC or Steve Jobbes was Apple, it's less disturbing to the masses than 'some anonymous collective made this'.

While I get what RMS is going for with Free Software, it's not something that will work for everyone and being a zealot about it isn't going to change it.
I'll use what works for me, which includes non-free software.

@sophia I'd like to hear more... Are you saying fuck Stallman or fuck Free Software? Something else? Context please?

@sophia I don't see a thread, only your post. Thread URL?

@sophia Thanks for the thread. Disliking Stallman based on his personal actions or beliefs doesn't negate his contributions to the world. Good people do shitty things and shitty people do good things.

Free Software is far bigger than Stallman. Did you happen to catch our podcast about this topic?

@lynnesbian can you ever shitpost to wind up Stallman nerds without words like 'free software is bigger than just Stallman' coming up

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