If you ever want to see who around you is a nerd, set your phone alert tone to the old windows error donk. You can see the cringing.

@sophia welp I know what I’m doing now heh heh heh

Windows 98 is where I learned that deleting random device drivers is a bad idea.

Alas, poor 8 year old me.

@sophia I use the old Age of Empires "New villager" sound. Works very well on old gamers ^^

@sophia or maybe someone is even nerder and have used only Linux for the past twenty years

@sophia i thought a little about this. Users of every OS smile bc good things and resign about bad things

win: have all the apps, everyone uses / viruses, having to buy twice the RAM, win updates

linux: no virus, super fast, free, flexible / not all apps, you have to ask for help from the internet

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