sorry but as someone who presents as hyperfeminine I do not understand Linux or inter net securities and can only ever use Windows PCs, it's just how it is

@TheEnbyperor @sophia I do agree that some GNU projects are composed by butches, but I participate in some others that are not that way. Particularly I go to #Trisquel English support forum (trisquel-users mailing list) and general free software philosophy talk (freedom-misc), and also participate on #FSF and #UNESCO's Free Software Directory and meetings (both the website and meeting hours can be seen at ).

@sophia closed-source software? sounds feminine- who KNOWS what non-men are ever thinking??

Have I tried to understand Linux? Yes ofc but I am naturally incapable of logic because I like nail polish not gaming


@sophia i for one, only paint my nails while on the train to tech conferences…

@meena you have my respect for doing it while moving, bravo

@sophia I have Linux down but I’m still trying to figure out nail polish...

I keep looking but nail polish doesn’t seem to have a command line interpreter...

@sophia Just like how no salon will cut or style my hair because I use linux! "No, this shall not be!" they yell, chasing me with torches and pitchforks. "You cannot have stylish hair!"

@sophia one of my female computer science lecturers said something similar:
"A women with nail polish can't be a good programmer"

My wife doesn't understand Linux (and you really don't have to to use it). She's a gamer, surfs the net, nothing unusual. Admittedly, she has me taking care of the tech stuff, so there's that...;) but, heck, even my 70 year old mum is using it just fine.

I was wondering about that.
Guess I really shouldn't reply to people I know too little about.

@thom_raindog Sad as it is there's people who actually think it so I guess Poe's Law comes in a bit

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@sophia Though I think this has more to do with culture and habits than being feminine though.Like, you've had Windows since your first PC, so it feels intuitive to you.
Like, I live in a country where we drive on the right side of the road. I'm quite sure I'll find it rather difficult to drive on the left side, though it should just as easy.

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