"Have you considered activating Google Analytics to monitor traffic on your websi.." absolutely fucking not

As a wise person almost certainly once said, "fuck Google" :blobthumbsup:

@annika @sophia Yesterday my gf yelled "You're useless" into her new Alexa remote and it took her to the Amazon support page.

@sophia so I'm going to guess you use an iPhone? or running some form of Linux on your phone? just wondering.

@Flipsoi5 I'm not sure what my phone has to do with me monitoring the traffic on my personal website?


"OK thanks, we'll be doing it anyway and just not telling you..."

@sophia You are right. If only everyone was that aware.. we wouldn't have #SurveillanceCapitalism dystopia we have now.

'well how about HUMANE analytics?' absolutely fucking not

you see, the thing about tracking users on websites is this... It's bad. Stop it.

I don't care if 100 people have looked at my website, I don't care if 10000 have. I don't need to know what OS they're using, I don't need to know what they look at, what country they're in. :blobshrug:

@sophia Agreed. If my site was getting any kind of traffic, all I would care about is “is there so many people hitting the server that I need to upgrade its hardware”, and htop takes care of that kind of analytics just fine. =P

@sophia all i want to know is what underwear they wear

@sophia honestly a huge part of why tumblr's userbase is Like That is how many of them use user tracking/IP logging software obsessively

@wintgenstein It's another 'numbers' thing too innit, trying to build engagement, market yourself, find the right content. It stops being about what you want to put out there and becomes about what people want.

@sophia Can someone explain to my why you need analytics for this, instead of regular server logs? Or is this just a priority for people w/o access to logs?

@sophia I tend to lean the other way on this so I'm curious what your objection to it is (I'm not defending it, just curious about your reasoning)

@mattincanada Spying on users is bad. Subjecting them to google tracking is bad. I'd have thought it self explanatory.

@sophia is this for glitterkitten? if so why would you want google analytics on a mastodon instance like what the fuck

@sophia the only thing im tempted to put on witches is newrelic so i can see where bottlenecks are in performance but im still :sus_af: about it

@sophia oh newrelic is like $200/mo i thought it was free for small shit yeah fuck that lmao

@anna @sophia oh that's crappy. I wouldn't even pay $15/mo. for it anyway for a masto instance. :<

@anna nah, It kept asking me to enable analytics and absolutely fuck to that

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