A catalogue of my recent and past photography efforts, is up and running! It's not much right now but once my archive is organised I'm hoping to add more galleries to it.

@sophia With flickr deleting all the photos or something I've been looking for something self-hosted that our hackerspace can use instead. Are you finding WordPress well suited to this? I looked at PixelFed but that looks like it would be a pain to set up. I chose Pleroma over Mastodon for our hackerspace for the same reason.

@irl I'm actually using flickr's album function to host the 'safe' galleries on this, while self hosting the remaining ones. The options in terms of WordPress plugins are great but it depends what you're after I guess. If I didn't have significant hosting and pro I'd likely have chosen 500px

@sophia Ah ok. I'll take a look through the available WordPress plugins and see what is out there. I hadn't considered using it at all before I saw your post, so at least I have an option I can reasonably explore.

@irl photonic (embeds content from other sites) and nextgen (Self hosted) are what I'm using, if that helps

@sophia Thanks, I'll try those out first.

@sophia is a fantastic domain name. And the photos themselves are equally as wonderful! :heart_cybre:

@violet thank you so much!
It's amazing isn't it? Someone got it for me as a gift 😭❤

@sophia I had not seen the "Feeling blue" series before. I *love* the colors.

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