Adblocking isn't unethical. Covering your website in trackers, spying on users, and compromising their security to make a buck is.

@sophia a spurious, malicious ad made my dad brick his machine and half a day if work for me. adblockers mandatory now in my family.

@krono it's been part of what's fucked up my in-laws computer so many times now that I refuse to do support for them, they won't let me block ads so no dice.

@sophia fuck ads and fuck anyone who says they're anything other than a complete hazard. Furthermore if you need to run adblocker blockers, you deserve to not be on the internet.

Also, the internet was an excellent place before the first ad was served, and could be just as awesome after the last ad has gone.

@sophia Always struggled with the ethics of using AdBlockers (despite me using one myself) and I've never actually thought about it from that perspective, so thanks for making me feel less guilty about AdBlockers!

Ah, no, because customers are literally cattle.

I mean, look at how stupid they are.

They're literally giving us this shit without questioning it.

They don't even read our terms of service.

We're doing this for their protection.


I miss the old internet so much sometimes

🤢 Geocities

I really hope you're being sarcastic because their banner ads were so intrusive they broke the DOM in your browser.

@rick_777 @binchicken no I'm being 100% serious, nothing on the internet is ever a joke

@sophia @rick_777 (lego male with brown hairpiece and grave expression takes up most of the frame. in impact font is bottom text, reading ‘serious business’)

@JohnBrownJr @sophia @binchicken Geocities was nice, but when Yahoo bought Geocities all went downhill.

@rick_777 @sophia @binchicken yahoo laid off my dad from the geocities factory i will never forgave tham

@sophia @JohnBrownJr @rick_777 honestly when we found out how many cities were in it, kinda when it started to go down hill

@sophia bring back bevelled edge buttons, serif fonts, and not being constantly data-mined

Beeeeeeep grrrrrr eeeeeeeee uuuuu Beeeeeeep eeeeeeeee grrrrrr eeeeeee etc

@sophia sometimes I feel bad for being indirectly involved in building the current internet

@aag I don't think anyone involved with good intentions could have foreseen it turning into what it has

@sophia I became so unalterably entranced by the positive possibilities at a very young age that I never considered stopping and contemplating the other side of hyper connectivity (+ unchecked capitalism)

Now I want to focus as much as possible on lowering barriers to entry for cooperative networks and decentralizing content creation/distribution.

@sophia who doesn't miss comic sans on company websites!? Those were the good times :awesome:

@hashtagsecurity There's a local bus company with it as their logo, in pink. It's glorious

@sophia wait, their logo is in comic sans or do they literally have "comic sans" as their logo / company name? 😂

There's always #gopherspace which is still alive and well when you want an escape from the current web.

Most browsers should have add-ons for #Gopher support while some others still have the support built-in. I believe most text-based browsers like Lynx already support Gopher.

@claudiom @sophia
Just Lynx. There is a links (links2, graphical) fork on the way which will support gopher. Oh, and the images WORK under OpenBSD -stable :flan_cheer:

@sophia get off the phone ma, i’m trying to send an e mail, it should only take another hour

@sophia try decentralized internets like zeronet, ipfs, or the beaker browser

@Copenhagen_Bram Thank you. I'm already aware of the alternatives 👍

@sophia oh cool! I think I want to have my own personal Zeronet or DAT website at some point.

@sophia It surprises me that anyone should think otherwise. Ads are unsolicited. An ad blocker is just the modern equivalent of "no junk mail" on your letter box.

@sophia Once, the business meeting that led to this situation...

"This ad thing isn't working when not enough users click on our banners! How do we get our conversation rates back up?"

"How about we make sure our advertising is carefully tuned to our target dem-"

"Shove them in our user's face, full screen? Brilliant! Get that happening by end of week!"

@sophia Ad blocking is exactly as ethical or not as painting over all the ads in a printed paper before reading it.

@sophia the best part is that our brains don't even notice ads when they're there, all evidence shows that online advertising doesn't work. The only reason they're still being sold is that ad companies lie about their click rates using bots and fake users. The entire online after industry is a big ol fraud hole

@medic And they've even been caught.
A couple of people have now suggested using blockers that also click, but it just helps prop up an already corrupt industry and tells them it works

@sophia yeah for sure. I use ghostery to block not only ads but all tracking. I have no moral qualms blocking ads because it is a 100% security and safety issue. Ad blocking is probably the most underrated and most effective antivirus software out there.

@sophia @medic Have an ad-blocker that clicks purely to figure out what the ad is for, and then if it's not something that the blocker knows, e-mails the advertiser to say that you won't buy from them because of their advertising, and then adds the advertiser's whole website to your personal block list.

That way, the click fraud happens, but it telling them that it works is counteracted by the blocker making sure it doesn't work.

@qoph @sophia @medic I'm describing an idea for an adblocker, not something that actually exists AFAIK

@medic @sophia I'm not so sure about that. I recall that we don't remember consciously the ads we saw but we remember them unconsciously. So when we go to the supermarket, we end up buying some brands because we saw them but don't remember it.
This is extremely dangerous in my opinion and why I also use adblock.
I don't like being manipulated like that.

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