what's this GNU thing then? Never heard of it before

@sophia wanna see a video of RMS explaining it with his witty charm?

@sophia GNU is essential a name given to set of tools that was started by Richard Stallman in the mid 80s before #Linux was even a thought (1991). All that was missing was a kernel to run them on and Stallman didn't really like UNIX at the time because of the licensing, hence "GNU is Not UNIX (GNU)." Calling a distro "Linux" is like calling Windows "NT."

So... HA! Thought you could hide from us? Think again. (Head slowly tilts...) O-0 💬 "We are evvvvvvery wheeeere..." 😂

@sophia it's a hypnotic trigger implanted in pedants which you can omit to irk the fuck out of them.

@sophia I'm not really sure, I just know it's not macOS

@sophia A cul... software freedom movement. I am on the BSD side (both licenses and philosophy, almost always being minimalism and correctness). I like GNU's stance on some licenses (LGPL); but I don't like their way on bloating UNIX. If they made a LISP OS based on the Linux kernel (by polishing the Guix project) it could be something huge and great to compare with the BSD/UNIX world.

@sophia that's a cool smiley. Never seen it before is it a gnu one?

@sophia Gnu is if someone knows better what a system you need than you do.
Like some android developer decided the alarm clock shouldn't allowed to be silent, so now i have some stupid alarm melody going off in the morning instead of a nice clean vibrate sound.

@sophia @oxi
Unix back in the day was propietary. Stallman wanted all software to be open and free, thus, created GNU (G_NU's-N_ot-U_nix)replicating Unix features on their own, and, often, adding "bloaty" features.

They didn't have a kernel, so they promoted Linux with GNU tools on top of it. If you strip Linux from any aplications, you could only be running the kernel and no more.

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