looking at lingerie and fetish clothing sites and wow there are a lot of sexy minion outfits available

the web was a mistake

Also if you wear a sexy cop outfit not sorry but it counts, ur a cop

I was always a bit 'huhh??' about the mermaid stuff as a sex thing but then del toro showed that actually a lot of people want to fuck a fish and now it makes a lot more sense

I'm meant to be looking for something for my birthday/anniversary and instead I'm looking at sexy fish costumes and pyjamas. Not saying I'm easily distracted or anything, but...


Coming around to the idea maybe not all clowns are bad (eye contact)

tfw you're told the party theme is Under The Sea but you got that goth aesthetic to uphold (eye contact)

I am told this is reminiscent of homestuck so I take it back, the only sexy clown allowed still remains Owen Gray

@sophia finally they turned a kid's birthday cake into a sexy costume

@sophia That looks like sexy Homestuck and I'm not at all surprised it exists

@PublicChaffinch you would LOVE some of their costume stuff. So much is skeletons and skulls. It's spicylingerie.com I'm looking at atm

@PublicChaffinch skeleton pencil dresses galore especially, and in all lengths 💀
Everything I've ever bought from that site has been good in terms of sizing too

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