The idea anyone has clout in this place is absurd. The most popular users have maybe 2k followers, many of which are abandoned accs. Anything happening here shitposting wise has no real influence because it's too obscure for anyone outside of this corner of the fedi to care.
Idg why people keep trying to make numbers a big deal, just block and move on

Extremely fediverse voice: I hate all these big leaguers, having fun and doing their own thing in a way that wouldn't affect me if I utilised the filtering functions

This mostly irks me because I keep seeing people going after some extremely nice and genuine people, and they're just trying to be involved in whatever community this is. No one here is brand building, none of that means anything here but they get grief for it anyway.

@sophia and even if ppl had bigger numbers they should be taken with a grain of salt. it's all conspicuous quantification

@amydentata it's not like its people trying to build brands either? It's just people talking into the ether and trying to be involved. Not exactly their fault if others happen to like what they say. What are they meant to do, stop posting because someone doesn't like that? It's childish. The only people who really seem to care about numbers are the ones complaining

@sophia yep. I got a ridiculously large twitter following just being me and ppl think it means something. It really doesn't. Apart from, sometimes I gotta hold back because a large following can be weaponized and I hate that shit hardcore

@sophia every now and then someone thinks I'm doing a Brand at them and like, the closest I get to that is using a pseudonym. And that's for personal safety because bigots are bigots

@sophia most people that get larger follower counts are just kind-of doing their own thing it's rare they like... pay attention to a follower count other than to make jokes about the fact that they have a specific no. of followers.

They just be themselves and people like that. The fuck is wrong with that?

@sophia @loki the theme on this instance masks everyone's follow counts with 666. it's nice, but only applies to the web UI. an actual profile option would be cool

@sophia @loki There's CSS for web that I've seen. Don't know if it's available to block it at an API level, though. Want? Also, Masto or Pleroma version?

@seylerius @loki I don't think so on masto except for in your own web. I'm on mastohost anyway so even if there were a way I couldn't

@sophia @loki For your own private viewing, we could cobble a style for Stylish or some similar extension that hides them, but other than that I'm out of ideas for your situation. I wonder if the Pleroma team could be bribed to add a config option for that...

@kaniini, any thoughts?

@seylerius I don't really care about seeing them myself, I'd just like the chance to opt out of it. I'd like to be able to stop *other* people seeing.

@seylerius @loki @sophia

you would want to talk to @lanodan, she does all MastoFE stuff in Pleroma, but this is already an option in Pleroma FE for months, so I doubt it would be that controversial.
@kaniini I recall there is an option for it in upstream glitch-soc but yeah I’ll try to add it to mastofe.

I really like that. Means we get to enjoy the conversation for what it is, without an ulterior motive. And I feel happy when someone wants to listen to my inane ramblings without feeling obligated to do anything other than ramble when I feel like it.

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