@sophia I honestly don't know a single user of Arch. I know a couple that say they use Gentoo but for some reason when I see thier systems it's always Ubuntu.

@oxi only installed so I could keep telling people in order to mock the tendency of arch users to keep telling people :drake_like:

@sophia @oxi bophadees.witches.live runs on arch linux we're arch users now sophia time to get high on our moral superiority :blobcool:

@anna @oxi haven't seen you telling everyone tho. It's not a real arch install unless you mention it at least 6 times a day

@sophia thinking about getting a gentoo dev account just so I can flex on arch users
(not serious. gentoo devs are worse than arch users)

I like that everyone here is concrete in that, if they're going to troll on something like os, they'll make sure they do it from the inside lmao

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