Think how far we've come as a civilisation. From thousands of years ago... all the mechanical and technological advances that have bought us to this point. To a world of permanent global communication at the touch of a screen, the ability to reach people all around the world at any time so that we can share the knowledge that cum is a type of soup.

@sophia if you look at the ancient graffiti on the walls of Pompeii you already realize shitposting isn't merely an old form, it is the human condition.

@polychrome @sophia that post is amazing. I’m here for this 👏 Thank you!

@polychrome @sophia I just want to know if someone had it out for Secundus, or if he was proud of himself.

@brandon it's ok I think this shitposting cycle is over, I'll be back to dunking on arch linux users in no time 👌🏻
Have you considered filtering certain words :blobtonguewink:

@sophia Knowing you, you could make some sort of disgusting meme about backpacks and I'd have to filter that word too

@brandon you can at least be safe in the knowledge it'll stop after 45 mins max

@brandon @sophia fairly certain sophia could make any word in the english language either lewd, disgusting, or insulting, or any combination of the three simultaneously. It's quite impressive.

@sophia you are banned from your keyboard for FIVE MINUTES PLEASE!

@sophia I now have context for why @diffractie got out of bed and said to me out of the blue 'cum is a type of soup'

Technology is amazing, biological and culinary nomenclature somewhat less so

@sophia haven't we lost something though, used to be we'd gather around the fire and tell each other face to face that cum is a type of soup

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