Good evening to everyone following me for insightful social commentary only to find it's mostly just cum jokes


Seems like a relative's even split, though I may be confusing one for the other.

@sophia one cum to rule them all and in the cummies, bind them

@sophia everyone on Mastodon is the Monty Python milkman sketch except that instead of being locked in a room with a bunch of other milkmen the entire house is full of shitposts

@sophia you make insightful social commentary? I feel cheated.

"Gewöhnlich glaubt der Mensch, wenn er nur Worte hört,
Es müsse sich dabei doch auch was denken lassen."
#Goethe, #Faust I, Vers 2565/2566

@sophia i used to give these warnings all the time and then i decided, fuck it, if they don't know,,

@sophia like all beautiful things. I just imagined Humor wouldn't be subjective. We all would habe died from that monty python joke. Every new joke fits into a metric. Maybe there wouldn't be any point in making jokes at all! :psyduck:

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