Seeing a thing go around about going to the EU about the effect plans will have on the fediverse. I'm not sure how comfortable I am about the idea of making the EU more aware of a growing social network they don't have much control over or knowledge of. I doubt it would sway them over plans but would increase this place as a target.

@sophia Hide and seek surely has not worked well in the past either...

@ckeen It's frustrating because neither hiding nor being open is an ideal solution as far as I can see

@sophia I agree. I think we will have to resist commercialisation anyway so we can start fighting sooner than later so there's space left to retreat should the need arise...

@sophia I agree that making governments aware of cool stuff happening online is usually a bad idea. Giving them something they don't understand usually triggers a reflex to regulate it.

The only problem is that in the current situation they might wreck this place by accident without being aware of its existence. I don't think making some noise can make it worse.

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