Please do not dm me tech advice I am running Windows xp with litestep, I know what I'm doing thanks

@sophia winxp must be expensive these days, since i don’t know where to find it except in a museum

(or in a bank, probably :| )

@bryceyoungquist only if you include a picture of a pangolin. I like pangolins

@sophia Litestep? Cool, I've been using that back in 1999 on Win98SE ^^

@sophia I wonder does litestep even work on current Windows OS.

@Thesweetsechs few people can make such cringeworthy IT-related statements

@sophia I mean, at least you know what you are doing

@sophia >not using bb4win and cygwin to run screenfetch


@Are0h the amount of 'are you serious' this gets is hilarious

@sophia Certainly much better than Windows 10. But it's like vinyl records compared to CDs. 3.1 is just ... warmer.

@sophia @tbeckett Honestly, I'm a bit nostalgic about those days. They were a more innocent time.

@sophia My favourite part of reading the Wikipedia page on OS/2 was the note about how it's safe against malware because it came to be before the glut of viruses, and fell out of favour before anyone cared to make any.

@greatjoe lmfao that's an excellent way of describing the situation

@greatjoe @sophia I don't think that's what 'safe' actually means ...

@jim Why not? It's perfectly safe, nobody's attacking you.

@breakfastgolem gonna party like it's 1999 and never getting it working properly


ah but did you ever see the *original* puppy that Puppy Linux was named after?


@sophia please never mention alternative windows shells ever again thank you

@lynnesbian sorry but as a litestep aficionado on the greatest os of all time this is not possible

@sophia Wait. Litestep still exists? I remember to have digged into it like centuries ago. Sweet!

@sophia Oh. Guess I should stock up on my daily dose of caffeine then.

@a_cat You follow the wiki then ask an arch linux user an obscure question about hardware incompatibility so they spend hours researching it to show you that actually they do know, because they run arch.

@sophia XP is an awsome program, wish it was still supported.

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